Our Sunday School opening

Our Sunday School starts every Sunday morning at 9:30 a.m. We gather in the auditorium for a time of singing, prayer and Bible reading before dividing up into our classes.

Our Sunday School superintendent is Mr. Jeff Long.

The classes (and teachers) are:

Toddlers: Spring and Fall: Mr. and Mrs. Gregg and Delsa Miller; Summer and Winter: Mrs. Darlene Hazlett and Mrs. Tammy Knepp

Kindergarten: Spring and Fall: Mrs. Tammy Leatherman and Mrs. Donna Snyder; Summer and Winter: Mrs. Joan Chappell and Mrs. Mary Ellen Adams

1st through 6th grade Boys: Spring and Fall: Mr. Jim Houck; Summer and Winter: Mr. Randy Hershey

1st through 6th grade Girls: Spring and Fall: Mrs. Cindy Long; Summer and Winter: Mrs. Eileen Snare

Junior and Senior High Boys: Pastor Cory Dobrowolsky

Junior and Senior High Girls: Spring and Fall: Miss Beverly Long; Summer and Winter: Mrs. Becca Ritchey

Young Adults (Up to age 35): Mr. Milton Long

RU Recovery: Mr. Jim Lingenfelter

New Converts: Pastor John Leatherman

Adults: Mr. Ron Neff

Senior Men: Mr. Darrell Snare

Senior Women: Mrs. Janet Shirey

We have a class for everybody! See you this Sunday morning!

Dry Run Independent Baptist Church