“And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.”
— Mark 16:15

“But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judaea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth.”
— Acts 1:8

We at Dry Run Independent Baptist Church are firm believers in missions, and as such, we support many
missionaries both here in the United States and around the world.

Home Missions (United States)

Altoona Rescue Mission

Diane Barrouk

Raymond and Angela Bell

Blair County Christian School — Duncansville, PA

Jeff and Paula Cassell

Scott and Cassie Caudill

Sue Chaney

Terry and Wendy Davis

James Earls

Jackie and Brittany Elwart

Bonnie Ferrell

Jessica Fluke

Brenda Foote

Dave and Barb Hohmann

Wayne and Peggy Holder

Dan and Dee Hummel, Beacon of Truth Baptist Ministries

Doug and Janice Hummel, Beacon of Truth Baptist Ministries

Paul and Patty Lint

Steve and Misty Ludwig

Bob and Annette Maurer

Matt Miller, Beacon of Truth Baptist Ministries

John and Laura Nemo

Scott and Marilee Norman

Donnie Pollard

Les and Denise Potter

Kevin and Lisa Raub

Keith and Leslie Rheinheimer

Donna Robertson

Servant’s Heart Camp — Ramey, PA

Bill and Lesley Smith

David and Shawn Smith

Jerry and Denise Smith

Ken and Janel Smith

Allen Snare

Dan and Donna Stroupe, Beacon of Truth Baptist Ministries

Terry and Linda Thrun

David and Kathryn Tremmel

Stephen and Karyn Wrachford


Joshua and Alyssa Clay, Mali

Michelle Geiger, Uganda

Don and Karen Kilmer, South Africa

Jon and Kelli La Belle, West Africa

Don and Karen Clarke, West Africa

Jason and Charity Rishel, West Africa

Nathan and Laura Roberts, South Africa


Todd and Jodi Holland

Dwight and Ruth Talbot

David and Marsha West

The Caribbean

Joseph and Donna Childers, Grenada

Robenson Gresseau, Haiti


Chris and Carole Shull

Steve Nissley

James and Cheryl Wright


Dr. and Mrs. Cherian

G.S. and Sarah Nair


Ben and Rebecca Edwards

Paul and Sarah Johnson


Andy and Lois Bishop

Tim and Teresia Hendricks

Faye Hopkins

Wesley and Esther Hopkins

Don Morgan

Jack and Marcia Slaughter

Lacey and Holly Wheeler

Papua New Guinea

Bill and Lori Smith

Sam and Mary Beth Snyder


James and Marnie Carlos

George and Tess Salvador

Joseph and Eleanor Salvador

Larry and Diane Stikeleather

Ian and Marilyn Torres


David and Julie Loop

South Pacific

Jim and Emi Civale, Samoa

Joel and Brooke Daku, Kiribati

Josh and Frances Daku, Fiji

Paul and Martha Daku, Fiji

Paul and Wendy Daku, Fiji

Scot and Katie Daku, Fiji


Moises and Rosa Campos

Joaquin and Paqui Lopez

Various countries

Eddie and Sindy Arold, Thailand

Christian Day School (The Mutzkes), Germany

Gary and Claudia Heppen, U.S. Military in Germany

Brent and Jen Hoffman, Costa Rica

Russ and Beth Holland, Norway

Kevin and Jessica Jones, Russia

Ishac and Rania Marzouk, Egypt

Allan and Cheryl McFall, Central Asia

Levi and Brittany Mullins, United Kingdom

Javier and Lizza Pizarro, Puerto Rico

Mike and Penny Smith, Estonia

John and Alisha Walz, Taiwan

Andrew and Nicole Wippler, Finland

Dry Run Independent Baptist Church